Our Story

Just how sweet is Melissa’s Simply Sweet? Oh so sweet, — and my “oh so sweet” story begins with a unique love for service and commitment to my exclusive craft. My passion for baking began at an early age. After venturing into the hotel industry at the Hotel and Culinary School of Santa Barbara, California, I somehow managed to stumble onto the very unexpected culinary art of baking, and haven’t looked back. I never imagined beginning a career in the culinary industry, but after my creation of a custom Blue’s Clues cake for my son’s birthday party some 9 years ago, I fell in love and hit the ground running.

Soon after that experience I had friends asking me to create custom cakes for their parties and events – and before I knew it I was taking classes to improve my craft, spending all hours of the night perfecting my techniques, and soon enough I was taking orders left and right. I was in love! My baking skills improved and my business snowballed into a full-time passion that is Melissa’s Simply Sweet.